About Us

Vision and Mission Statements

Our vision: to build Christ-centered families, one family at a time.

Our Mission: Advancing the Civilization of Life through new evangelization rooted in Theology of the Body and Humanae Vitae, one family at a time.

Agapè love is Christ's self-giving love: "No one has greater love than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends." John 15:13

Agapè Catholic Ministries promotes this selfless love among families through the different ministries offered: marriage preparation, infant baptismal preparation, Quinceañeras preparation, and marriage enrichment.
The logo represents
a monstrance made of two wedding rings to symbolize the Eucharistic Agapè love. Below the monstrance, the flames/leaves symbolize the fire of the Spriti and the fruitfulness of the family.



c&cAgapè Catholic Ministries was founded in 2012 to gather different Catholic family-building ministries.

The very first ministry was CatholicMarriageprep.com, created in 2004 in the Archdiocese of Denver by Christian and Christine Meert to help engaged couples build strong marriages. Christian and Christine built a very interactive program, offered online and in-person, in English, French and Spanish. Over 10, 000 couples have already successfully completed the course.
In July 2005, Bishop Michael J. Sheridan, Bishop of Colorado Springs, hired Christian and Christine to run the Office of Marriage and Family Life in his diocese.

In 2010, Christian and Christine expanded the ministry. Very quickly, priests asked Catholic Marriage Prep to create a Quinceañeras preparation program along the same lines. CatholicQuincePrep.com is dedicated to helping Hispanic teen girls to face the challenges of our culture.

In 2012, more requests from priests arrived: infant baptismal preparation, and most of all enrichment classes to help married couples and families to be stronger in their faith and relationships.